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A Simple, Healthy, Customer Shopping Experience

For decades, network marketing companies have relied on memberships and autoships as a way to build customer loyalty for their products. The problem is, these loyalty tactics were not actually building customer loyalty, and were in fact making it harder for consumers to just be consumers.

But Amazon, Uber, AirBNB, and so may other online retailers and service providers are growing like crazy - because they make it easy for their consumers to shop. So we took that same simple formula and applied it here, to provide a healthy, and comfortable shopping experience for people who want to buy superfoods online.

Everyone Eats. And most people these days are looking for a way to EAT BETTER. We help entrepreneurs open their own online superfood store, and we even include $50 Gift Cards that you can give to people you know to welcome them to your store. The products are not like anything else out there, and are proven to make a real difference in helping people get to that healthier lifestyle we all want.

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The Social Sharing Economy

Made for Home Based Healthy Entrepreneurs

We live in a social sharing economy, and that means that word of mouth marketing is more important in people's purchase decision, and more lucrative then ever. And this new evolution of network marketing allows just about anyone to get started in business for themselves..... in a way that works in this crazy busy 21st century lifestyle we all lead these days, and without risking everything.

THIS business is based upon the principle that everyone is a customer first, and through that experience with our Pure and Premium family nutrition, general health, work-out/athletic, anti-aging, weight loss and kids health products, we create RAVING FANS of our businesses.

We invite you to have a look at our store, and if you like what you see, come back here so we can give you a gift card to get started. By the way, this is what your store would look like too!

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Innovative Gift Card Marketing

A system of caring about people you know and meet along the way, and helping them deal with what life throws at them.

Some people call this industry direct selling - I think that is the wrong description of what we do. As healthy network marketers, we have a bigger mission - a mission that focuses on helping reverse the unhealthy food trends of the last few decades. We are showing people that FAST FOOD doesn't have to mean ZERO nutrition and lots of calories. We are teaching families a way to balance all the processed foods that dominate the grocery shelves, and the ads we see. And we are proving to athletes that superfoods, not supplements, are a better way to fuel the body for maximum performance without the long term side effects.

We are doing all this with one simple tool - a $50 Gift Card. Instead of giving our friends a sample, or just a taste of something that might make a real difference in their health, we prefer to give them a gift card, and pay it forward. That $50 gift card will cover most or all of the cost of just about all of our 60+ products, and make a serious dent in our product packs, so that people can experience for themselves, over the course of a few weeks, that what they eat really matters.

So we share these gift cards with the people we know. We offer a little hope, a possible solution, and some information about very healthy products that may help them deal with life. Our phones are packed with information about our products, and our business opportunity. And we offer everyone a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, on every purchase

I'd like you to have one too - in case it can help your health!

Use the Gift Card CODE on the back of the Card to save $50 when you spend $75 or more at my Online Superfood Store! Remember the code, the click on the card to go shopping.


Go Shopping at my Superfood Store

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